• Log4j security fixes by upgrading to 2.17.1
  • Upgrades all components and libraries to current versions as of Jan-2022
  • Various bug fixes
  • Schema changes to improve performance
  • AS_PATH and communities are now Postgres arrays with indexing. This improves performance over using regexp. The improvement deprecates the as_path_analysis and gen_asn_stats tables
  • TimescaleDB compression has been added to many tables to improve disk usage
  • Retention control has been moved from cron to timescaleDB job process. Retention should now be changed via the retention policies. Status of the jobs can be monitored via timescaleDB job status. See for more details.
  • global_ip_rib table has been improved to support updates every 5 minutes
  • RPKI validator deprecated and replaced with URL based downloads
  • PeeringDB integration


Manually merging the PSQL schema changes is possible, but it is not currently automated. Unfortunately there are several changes to the schema that make it difficult to update. For example, converting from string AS_PATH to array AS_PATH. For this reason, it is recommended that you perform a wipe and fresh install. Future versions should support auto merge/upgrades operations.

See Fresh Upgrade for details on how to upgrade by doing a fresh install.