Container Configuration

Configuration is primarily defined in docker-compose.yml. Each container has it's own configuration. For the OpenBMP containers under, you can get the container configuration information within each repo. There are other containers that are included in the compose. Those containers are documented under their documentation. For example, the Kafka and Zookeeper configurations are documented under

OpenBMP Containers

OpenBMP containers use a /config volume mount for configurations. Configuration files can be placed under ${OBMP_DATA_ROOT}/config:/config to maintain persistent configuration.
There are a few exceptions to these configurations that the environment variables via docker will override the configuration file setting.

Configuration files in /config are considered persistent and therefore may not be updated by the docker environment variables. Instead, you should update those configuration files directly.

Postgres Container

The postgres container uses TimescaleDB container. The TimescaleDB container uses the standard postgres container as a base. Configuring postgres is documented under both of the below links:

You can configure the postgres container with your own postgres.conf as documented by the first link. If you are only making a few changes, then you can do that via docker-compose.yml command: blob. The command blob is a list of -c <setting>=<value> entries. Below is an example of the setting for max_wall_size.

    command: >
      -c max_wal_size=10GB

This will change the running instance of postgres. It will not change the postgres.conf file. If you have a lot of settings to change, then it is recommended to that via the postgres.conf file.

TimescaleDB Tune Script

The TimescaleDB container will configure itself using a TimescaleDB tune script. You can adjust various parameters.

  • Adjust memory available using TS_TUNE_MEMORY=<n>GB environment variable
  • Adjust cpus available using TS_TUNE_NUM_CPUS=<n> environment variable
  • See README for more details on tuning